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Things left to be done before the project is in an okay state


Consider modularizing the project further

Service/Logic layer

A layer that handles the logic so it's decoupled from the grpc implementation


The ways to achieve it that I can think of are

  • a struct with methods that implement the logic and will also hold the db which gets passed to it from the grpc server struct
  • a set of functions that implement parts of the logic and the grpc layer will handle db interaction
  • a set of functions that take the db as an argument and will be called from the grpc layer


Currently the logger is hard-coded to be the log package from the standard library, should probably change that


Since this is a showcase of a template there should be good documentation


This tool seems really interesting protoc-gen-doc

Code comments

Add more comments in code to explain the rationale behind decisions as well as the not immediately-obvious parts


By far the most complicated thing here is the internal structure

  • add to explain it
  • add graphviz graph to explain it

Environment variables

Create a table of environment variables used throughout the project with a description and default values

Working with the project

It's not immediately obvious how to use surrounding tooling

  • document how to use pprof, fgprof
  • document how to use buf

CI-type files

The more CI, the better

  • add Jenkinsfile
  • add .travis.yml
  • add whatever Tekton has

Deployment files

Need a way to run the application

  • add docker-compose.yml for easier local testing with a real db
  • add raw kubernetes yaml
  • add kustomize yaml to demonstrate testing/prod


A lot of things don't have tests

  • non-mock databases. can try dockertest and testcontainers for this
  • models/interfaces (no idea how to test these)
  • could use gotests to generate boilerplate for tests


Go gotta go brrr

Struct alignment

Align struct fields using fieldalignment (main.go file is in this repo)


Wrap errors to add details at each step instead of doing return nil, err


Functionality is not yet complete

Add default docs handler

Currently /api/docs/ results in error, it should point to current version docs

Replace Empty gRPC message

If we want to accept something other than Empty there will be problems in the future so to avoid this replace it with a HelloFilter message or something

Additional version demo

Add later API versions to demonstrate that fields can be added but breaking changes need a full API version change

Rethink REST api versioning

Might want to actually namespace this but it works somewhat okay


Adjust repos to store and retrieve all info for HelloRequest/HelloResponse

Extra repo options

The more, the merrier


Add the option to run both grpc and rest on the same port but explain why it's dumb

Standalone server

Add function CreateListenerFromPortAndAddress in utils to be able to create a listener from a user-supplied address. Also add an env var or two (HELLO_GRPC_ADDRESS, HELLO_REST_ADDRESS) and maybe a CLI too to run with that user-supplied address


Look at frontend implementation on lister for optionally split frontend Two approaches:

  • embed frontend by default and have a cmd/standalone for running it on its own
  • exclude frontend by default and have a cmd/frontend or cmd/omnibus for running it embedded